Poor Student Didn’t Answer His Exam Because He Hasn’t Eaten And No Peso To Pay His Test Papers.

This poor student didn’t answer his exam because he hasn’t eaten and no peso to pay his test papers.

Like what Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said, it’s not poverty that kills children’s dream but lack of child support. There are a lot of children in all parts of the world that don’t go to school and robbed with a possible successful future. It is a sad truth that hasn’t been dealt, causing the number of out-of-school youth to increase rapidly every year.

Recently, one school teacher shared a story of a student who didn’t answer his exam because of a heartbreaking reason. On the Facebook page “Der iz no wei to de gangwey”, Teacher Jayvee said that one of his students was not answering the exam thinking that the boy could not afford the P1 payment for the questionnaire.

He later discovered that the student has no money and wasn’t able to eat his lunch because of poverty. The teacher then requested one of his students to buy snacks for him. He admired the dedication of the kid when it comes to his studies. Some students will probably give up and choose to leave school if they experience such difficulty in life.

We pray that there will be kind-hearted people who will extend help to him. We also pray that God will bless and give him the courage and determination to finish his studies and have a brighter future. And for children and students who are well-provided and privilege, be thankful and appreciate your life!

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