Kindergarten Teacher Cuts Her Hair After One Of Her Students Got Bullied Due To Short Hair.

This kindergarten teacher cuts her hair after one of her students got bullied due to her short hair.

Being a teacher is both a privilege and hard work. They are responsible for making school fun for children, setting the tone of the classroom, teaching students good manners, and imparting knowledge. They are not just mere people, they are educators that shapes and prepare a student for a brighter future. Especially in young kids, teachers play an important role in those who are still trying to find their place in the world.

However, bullying is very rampant nowadays even in kindergartens. Shannon Grimm, a kindergarten teacher in Willis, Texas recently hailed as a hero and admired by many people for doing such a sweet and life-changing gesture to one of her students.

One of her students is bullied because of her short hair. According to the kindergarten teacher, Prisilla Perez had always been a cheerful and a happy little girl since the start of the school year. She loves to mingle with her classmates and play with everyone.

But she noticed that the student became quiet and she found out that Prisilla was being bullied for her haircut. Teacher Shannon then taught her students that bullying is not good and also cut her hair to match Prisilla’s haircut. She explained to the class that bullying is not good and that we should accept everyone, no matter their differences.

What makes it more touching is that the kindergarten teacher gave Prisilla hairbands and bows each day so that they can wear matching headpieces in school. The teacher also nominated Priscilla as “District Student of the Month” for her “bravery during a difficult time” and she won!

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