Customer Didn’t Just Returned Excess Change To A Pinay Cashier In Dubai But Also Gave Her Chocolates!

This customer didn’t just returned excess change to a Pinay cashier in Dubai but also gave her chocolates.

Making a costly mistake at work is difficult because it could either make you pay for it or you will be fired. Recently, one Pinay cashier in Dubai experience the same mistake but fortunately, the customer returned the excess money she gave accidentally.

The Pinay cashier in Dubai named Nerissa Maglanque works at a foreign exchange counter in Dubai Airport. When she started counting the money in the cash register, she found out that she was short of Dh390 (Php5,500). The 27-year-old cashier and her boss then checked the records to identify the customer who exchanged that amount.

“It was around 1am. I had five customers who exchanged 100 euros that morning, which is equal to Dh390. My boss was so kind to help me trace who the customer was and we ended up with two leads,” Maglanque said.

They also checked the CCTV footage and discovered that she handed one of her customers twice amount of what he supposed to receive.

“I had to try and recover the money, otherwise I would have to pay for it out of my own pocket, but I only had Dh60 (Php850) on me and that was not an option,” she admitted.

When she tried to call the man, he didn’t answer her calls and making her so devastated. Thankfully, he texted her later on.

“Don’t worry,” Belgian national messaged Pierre Yves Couplet.

“I am sorry about this issue. Yesterday, I was tired and did not check the money you had given me until I reached the hotel. I really hope you don’t get into trouble because of that.”

According to Buzzooks, Couplet offered to meet up with Maglanque at Dubai World Trade Centre. It turned out that Couplet is the export manager of a chocolate company in Germany and was in Dubai for a 4-day business trip to attend the Gulfood exhibition.

But aside from returning the excess money, she also gave her some chocolates.

“Dh390 is already more than 5,000 [Filipino] pesos, which is almost half the money I send home monthly,” Maglanque admitted.

“For someone to go out of his way to do this good deed though he is only in Dubai for four days is a praiseworthy act, and something worth emulating. I have experienced customers ignoring calls in similar situations. But Mr Pierre [Couplet] did not. It’s not every day that you meet someone like him. I wish more people would have the same big heart.”

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