Pinay Mother Feeds Her Son While Playing At An Internet Cafe For 48 Hours!

This Pinay mother feeds her son while playing at an internet cafe for 48 hours.

Children nowadays are becoming a fan of video or online games. One of the popular online games now is the “battle royale”, a game where groups of players are put in an area and they gather weapons. They fight each other until only one is left who will be hailed as the sole winner. But one particular mother has a child who loves to play “Rules of Survival” or ROS.

Because of spending so much time playing, his child won’t eat and she was very concerned. Lilybeth Marvel then brings food to her son who was playing the game at an internet cafe in Nueva Ecija for 48 hours already and feed while playing.

In the video posted on Facebook, she fed her son with fried fish and rice using her hands. The concerned mother thinks that her son might not be eating right and might go home the next day after playing. She even offered to bring the vitamins that his grandmother brought for him.

However, the said video didn’t sit well with the netizens and it was later deleted. The said post earned negative and hateful comments addressed directly to her son. But Lilybeth explained that it was just for fun and people should not be taken it seriously. She also said that it was her way of showing how you can make your child understand without lifting a hand.

Video games are entertaining, enjoyable and beneficial to children in many ways. However, let’s set boundaries on the length of time they can just spend on playing. Parents and guardians should be reminded of the benefit and the negative effects of computer games, especially to children.

Watch the video below:

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