Talented Man Created An Improvised Go-Kart To Transport Firewood Down The Busy Spiral Highway.

This talented man created an improvised Go-kart to transport firewood down the busy spiral highway.

Humans are created by God with different skills and talents. This means that humans are capable of innovating and creating something remarkable. With that in mind, one talented man created an improvised Go-Kart as a means of transporting firewood down the busy spiral highway.

Aside from his talent in creating this improvised Go-kart, which makes him more amazing is his impressive driving skills on a busy highway carrying firewoods. Well, if you are not as good as him, don’t try because you will probably end up in a terrible incident.

One man met this motorist on the streets of Brazil and they were all stunned by sight. They immediately filmed the motorist as he maneuvered the go-kart down the spiral freeway all the way down a busy highway. There was also a jittery moment when he maneuvered the improvised go-kart next to a huge bus which has come to a halt on the road. But he passed the challenge without difficulty.

The motorist showed his odometer to document their speed at the time. The motorist himself was going at 52 mph with the man being ahead by a pawn. Improvised go-karts are a common mode of transportation in Brazil especially among workers who use the karts to deliver their commodities like what the awesome man has done with his firewood, according to PTAMA.NET.

The video was cool to watch but it is not suggested to try this especially when you are not skilled or try this before. Also, improvised Go-karts are not secure to drive on busy highways.

Watch the video below:

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