Netizens Had A Good Laugh Over Funny OFWs Having A Picnic In The Snow.

Who wouldn’t laugh over these funny OFWs having a picnic in the snow!

I would say that Filipinos is the most joyous people in the world. Why is that? Walk down in any street in the Philippines, count the number of smiles on the face of the people, and you will see that I am right!

Some foreigners even come into conclusion that Filipinos are either stone-cold crazy or they are one of the most joyful groups of people in the world. I believe that foreigner will choose the latter. Filipinos call this special state of joy, said BusinessMirror. Filipinos are also known for finding something good and funny even in difficult times.

With that in mind, a group of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) had a picnic in the snow as if they’re just in the sunny area in the Philippines. The video was posted in the Facebook page Filipino Portal entitled, “Pinoy Winter”, where you can see a group of Filipinos having fun in the snow.

Two guys are seen wearing jersey shorts and without shirts, sitting on the snow and eating. These two guys look like having a picnic, not while the sun is up, but in the freezing weather. The ground is covered with thick snow and they seem calm while enjoying their meal. Another guy even brought a bottle of soda and some cups.

The video gained mixed reactions from the netizens. While others find it hilarious, some are concerned about the risk it may cause to their health. As of writing, the video earned the post earned 8.6K reactions, 7.6K shares, and 653K views.

Watch the video below:


Winter ka lang, pinoy kami! 👊Join us here sa #1 Tambayan ng mga Pinoy sa Canada

Posted by Filipino Portal on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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