Young Lady Wows Netizens With Her Impressive Voice Impersonation.

This young lady wows netizens with her impressive voice impersonation.

Social media made a way for undiscovered talents to be known and give breaks to talented individuals. In fact, there are many artists nowadays that only starts in social media by posting videos and boom, became an instant star!

Among those who earned the spotlight because of their funny and creative videos are Madam Kilay, Karencitta, and Xander Ford among others. They become our favorite internet sensations because of their funny acts that never fails to make us laugh.

With that being said, one young lady hailed from Cebu recently won the hearts of many with her impressive voice impersonations and went viral on social media. One Facebook user named Rhian Arielle uploaded a video of a young lady making different voices for fun.

Voice impersonator, also known as an impressionist or a mimic, is a performer whose act consists of imitating sounds, the voice, and mannerisms of people or animals.

As you can hear in the video, the young lady was portraying the voices of a young girl, an old woman, and the young girl’s mom. Many got stunned with her voice impersonations because it really sounded like those three characters she was portraying. You can also hear in the video that her friends burst in laughter on her story and her three voices.

Many netizens expressed their delight and the good vibes this young lady brought. This young lady has talent and for sure, become an internet star soon. As of writing, the video earned 43K reactions, 73K shares, and 2.2M views.

Watch the video below:

Tukhang Production presents:TAPHAW😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Rhian Arielle on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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