91-Year-Old Teacher Still Teaches And Dedicated To His Profession.

This 91-year-old teacher still teaches and dedicated to his profession.

Every teacher plays an important role in the classroom and to every student’s life. Aside from teaching knowledge, they also set the tone of the classroom, making every learning process fun and enjoyable, mentoring them to become role models, and pivotal in shaping future professionals. Teachers are also considered as a second parent to their students.

But being a teacher is not just a job because it is a profession that starts with the heart. This profession seems to be a call embedded in people who have patience and aim to provide knowledge to their students. Speaking of a teacher, this 91-year-old teacher is a great example of dedication.

Gonzalo Tosco Maravilla, an amazing 91-year-old teacher from Albasan Numancia, Aklan is still performing his profession until this day. He is teaching Mathematics and Physics at the Madyaas Institute in Barangay Poblacion, Numancia since 1950. His father was one of the founding fathers of the Madyaas Institute, where he currently teaches.

Based on a report, the 91-year-old teacher is still capable of performing his profession and is still able to speak properly and with a clear hearing. He also loves to repair electronic appliances at home.

Teacher Gonzalo said that he is very happy that most of her former students are now professionals. Though his students couldn’t help him financially, they expressed their unwavering love and thankfulness towards the 91-year-old teacher for being a good educator and many of his students are enjoying his class.

According to him, he maintained a healthy body by eating right and avoid bad habits such as drinking alcohol and tobacco. He also believed that walking is his daily exercise. Many netizens admired him for his devotion and only proves how noble his profession is.

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