Father From Taiwan Stopped Smoking To Save Money, Use Money To Take His Family On A Vacation.

This father from Taiwan stopped smoking to save money and use the money to take his family on a vacation.

Quitting cigarettes is very difficult for people who made it a habit and been doing it for a long period of time. But a father in Taiwan recently became an inspiration to people as he said goodbye to cigarettes. Instead of buying cigarettes, he decided to save the money. Aside from saving himself from the danger smoking can cause, he also proves that his family is his first priority.

On Facebook, he shared that he decided to quit smoking after his first child was born. He also wanted to be a role model to people that anything is possible when you have determination.

“I would save up all the money that I would otherwise use for buying cigarettes. Every time when the addiction kicks in, I would put away NT$50 (approx. RM6). Now, I habitually stash away NT$50 whenever I get them.”

He uploaded photos of his savings for a year and netizens computed it to NT$60,000, approximately Php101,000. Using the money he saved, he was able to take his family on a vacation. Now, he wanted to bring his child and wife overseas and enjoy their time together. Moreover, he also noticed a positive change on his health after quitting smoking.

“I haven’t been smoking in a while so nowadays whenever I smell smoke, I just move away from it,” the father said.

He is truly an inspiration to people especially to those who wanted to kick smoking out of their lives.

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