Scientists Explain Why Leaky Faucet Sounds Annoying And Give Tips On How To Stop It.

Here’s why leaky faucet sounds annoying!

If you are having the same problem and question why your dripping faucet sounds so annoying, the University of Cambridge engineer Anurag Agarwal explained what creates that distinctive sound.

According to Agarwal, the sound produced by a dripping faucet is not created by the droplet itself. It is produced by a tiny pocket of air trapped beneath the water’s surface. The miniature bubble causes the water to oscillate, producing a distinct sound. For more than a century, scientists debated about this mystery said Elite Readers.

His interest in learning about the annoying sound was prompted when he visited a friend in Brazil in 2016. It was a rainy period and he couldn’t ignore the plinking sound from a leaky roof that fell into a bucket below.

“A lot of work has been done on the physical mechanics of a dripping tap, but not very much has been done on the sound. But thanks to modern video and audio technology, we can finally find out exactly where the sound is coming from, which may help us to stop it,” Agarwal.

He was annoyed but it also triggered his curiosity. He then solved this mystery to an undergraduate lab at Cambridge.

“While I was being kept awake by the sound of water falling into a bucket placed underneath the leak, I started thinking about this problem. The next day I discussed it with my friend and another visiting academic, and we were all surprised that no one had actually answered the question of what causes the sound.”

With his colleagues, he did an experiment to record droplets falling into a tank of water using high-speed cameras, an underwater microphone, and a microphone on dry land to capture when and how a falling droplet of water makes the sound.

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