Young Student Refused To Absent Despite Using A Ballpen Made From Wood And Rubber Band.

This young student refused to absent despite using a ballpen made from wood and rubber band.

In the Philippines, poverty is the main reason why children don’t acquire education and stop from schooling. Every year, the number of out-of-school youth increases and many children are robbed with a brighter future. Some students, on the other hand, go to school but not really provided enough. Just like this young student who refused to absent despite his difficult predicament.

According to the Philippine Star, a teacher named Maricor Baculanta of Union Elementary School in Sta Rita, Samar shared a photo of the student. This young student is using a DIY pen made of ballpen refill, a piece of wood and rubber band. His story went viral on social media and inspired a lot of netizens.

Instead of complaining about what he doesn’t have and possibly quit school because of the unfortunate circumstance, this young student refuses to absent and use his resourcefulness. It doesn’t matter if the ballpen is strange but what’s important is that he go to school.

One netizen commented, calling the attention of the government to give attention on helping the youth and students.

“Eto sana binibigyang pansin ng pamahalaan at kung sino man ang mga nasa matataas na position. Hindi ung mga personal na issue at kung ano2 pa na hindi naman nkaka bigay nang magandang buhay sa mamamayang Pilipino,” Jesiah Aguilar commented.

He is really an inspiration to everyone that life still goes on despite lack and difficult circumstance. Remember that quitters never wins. This young student will surely have a bright future someday.

If you want to help this young student, just contact Teacher Maricor Baculanta.

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