Man Grinds The Water Tank Full Of Coins.

This man grinds the water tank full of coins.

Saving money is more of a must-do than a choice. While some are just starting to make saving a habit, others already mastered it. Some save paper bills, some save coins. Just like this man who needed to use a grinder to open a water tank because this is where he saved all his coins.

In the video posted by Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap, Jr. on Facebook, you can see a large water tank they laid on the floor they wanted to open. This is not just an ordinary “coin bank” because you need to use a metal grinder to open it.

The caption of the said:

“bago makuha ng madali ang inipon. kailangan pa e cutting un tanke ng tubig.”

As they were grinding the bottom to open it, one of the spectators said:

“Dahan-dahan pare, baka yung pera maano” [Be careful, you might hit the money inside.]

You can’t clearly hear the conversation because of the noise produced by the grinder. One of them later said:

“Isang taon yata bago napuno yan ah!” [It must have taken a year to get that filled!]

As they opened the water tank, coins started spilling from the opening. The metal coin bank was filled with 5 and 10-Peso coins, old and new versions mixed. They kept grinding the bottom away and the coins continued to spill. They started to collect the coins and put them into the bins. It’s like they opened a pot of gold.

As of writing, the video earned 62K reactions, 173K shares, and 7.7M views.

Watch the video below:

bago makuha ng madali ang inipon. kailangan pa e cutting un tanke ng tubig

Posted by Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap Jr. on Monday, February 25, 2019

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