Pinay OFW Went Home To The Philippines To Surprise Her Family Not Knowing She’s The One Who Will Be Surprised.

This Pinay OFW went home to the Philippines to surprise her family not knowing she’s the one who will be surprised.

Leaving your family to work abroad is never easy. This is what our beloved OFWs need to endure and sacrifice to be able to give their family a better life. According to the survey conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), there are 2.3 million OFW abroad. Between April to September 2017, the number of total remittances reached nearly 205 billion pesos, meaning, 8 out 10 families are having their parents or a relative work abroad.

Recently, the story of a Pinay OFW went viral on social media and made everyone cry. She went home to the Philippines to surprise her family but her family doesn’t seem to recognize her. After years of working in Riyadh, Yeth Espiritu Cuadra decided to surprise her family and the only person who knows her arrival is her best friend.

According to The Trending Planet, the Pinay OFW stood outside their house and pretends to be looking for “Mayeth”. When her mother opened the gate, she responded, “Wala si Mayeth at sa Disyembre pa uuwi rito”.

He mother didn’t recognize her so she introduced herself as Mayeth. Upon realizing it, her mother became emotional and hugged her tight. When she entered the house, her kids are also having a hard time identifying her. Her kids later recognized her as their mother. Her mother and kids didn’t recognize her first probably because she changed her appearance.

OFWs are our new kind of heroes and we should expressed our thankfulness and appreciation to them whenever we can. Despite all the sacrifices and sufferings, they need to endure, what matters most to them is they provide a better or comfortable life to their family back home. This is what mother’s love looks like.

Watch the video below:

Yung hindi ka nakilala ng sarili mong nanay 😂 ayaw k man lng pagbuksan ng gate 🤣#Riyadh#Pinas❤️ aylabyu nanay ! ❤️😘

Posted by Mhayet Espiritu Cuadra on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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