Mother Helped Her Struggling Daughter Who Works As A Service Crew.

This mother helped her struggling daughter who works as a service crew.

No parent likes to see their children struggle or getting into a difficult situation. This is the reason why parents work so hard, some even go abroad, just to provide for their family back home and secure a bright future for their children. There are nothing parents would do as long as this makes their children happy and comfortable.

With that in mind, one mother recently went viral on social media after doing a touching and motherly gesture to her daughter. While working at the busy lobby of a McDonald’s outlet in Navotas, Quezon City, one mother was quick to help her daughter who was having a hard time as she was the only one on duty.

Rubie Lyn Mendoza uploaded on Facebook photos of her mother who was helping out her sister, Jann Matlia Mendoza, at McDonald’s Navotas. According to Rubie Lyn, her sister is a working student at the famous fast-food restaurant.

They decided to dine out one day so they could visit Jann at work. They were told that she was struggling because she’s the only one on shift at the lobby and many people were eating that day. The mother couldn’t afford to see her daughter struggle and without doing anything.

When they finally placed their orders and found an empty table, she immediately helped her daughter. She cleaned up all the tables to ease her daughter. The post immediately caught the attention of many and they praised the mother for doing something to help her daughter.

This proves that nothing beats the love of mothers to their children.

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