Thai Millionaire Who Offered $315k For Daughter’s Future Husband Canceled The Offer After One Guy Stands Out Among Applicants.

This Thai millionaire who offered $315k for daughter’s future husband canceled the offer! Ouch!

Do you remember the Thai millionaire who offered on Facebook 10 million baht ($315,000) to the man who will win the heart of her daughter? Because he’s getting older and he has no son to manage his durian farm, he is looking for a worthy successor whom he can trust.

Arnon Rodthong, the 58-year-old father from Thailand wants to look for a worthy successor for his durian farm and also the right guy for his beloved daughter. The lucky winner will received jewelry, a house, ten vehicles, and his entire durian empire aside from the cash prize he will be receiving.

The Thai millionaire was surprised when more that 10,000 guys applied to be the husband of 26-year-old Karnsita Rodthong. As a result, he made a new announcement and every applicant should be at the farm on April 1 to pass the 3-month test. But among the guys who applied, one man stood out.

“I’m interested. I am 28 years old. My family also grows Durian in Trat province. We have over 300 trees… I can weather the sun and the rain. I can drive a 10-wheel truck and tractor. Please consider me, father Arnon. Thank you,” 28-year-old Premyosapon Khongsai commented.

Premyosapon would catch Karnsita’s attention and he was the choice. But her father seemed don’t agree on her choice. The man was a perfect successor for his durain farm and would be a great husband for her daughter but he completely changed his mind after seeing the young man’s photos.

“Premyosapon doesn’t pass for me because he is too handsome. He might break my daughter’s heart,” Arnon said.

The father then said that he is now willing to wait until his daughter is ready to get married. He also promised to follow through with his offer and would still give Karnsita’s future husband the things he promised to the winner.

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