Young Boy Saves Money To Buy A Real Diamond Ring For His Mother.

This young boy saves money to buy a real diamond ring for his mother.

Recently, a 10-year-old boy made rounds on social media after saving up money to buy a real diamond ring for his mom. According to Buzzooks, the young boy invited her mother to a jewelry store while running some errands in downtown Hubei, China.

When they arrived at the store, he asked his mother to try some rings that she liked. Her mother then does what her son asked, thinking that he was just joking. One staff even took a video thinking that this boy will become a fine gentleman someday.

To their surprised, the boy was serious in buying her mother a real diamond ring. Reports said that the boy had seen other kid’s parents wearing one and he doesn’t want his mother to be left out. After a month of saving up money, he finally gets the diamond ring he badly wanted to give to his mother as a sign of his love and thankfulness for her.

He was able to save 8,800 yuan ($1,300) the past months from gifts he received for birthdays and other special occasions. The cost of the ring was 8,100 yuan ($1,200) so he was happy that he could afford to buy eat.

However, the boy’s mother didn’t agree to spend his money on her. She told her son that she couldn’t accept the gift and look for a way that they could leave the shop. She then picked out an expensive piece worth 50,700 yuan ($7,560) and told him this was the one she really wanted.

“Mum likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later,” a store employee heard her tell the kid.

Though she didn’t received the ring, the mother was filled with love because of her son’s sweet gesture.

Watch the video below:

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