Children Shared Their Feelings About Having OFW Parents And How Painful It Is.

These children shared their feeling about having OFW parents and how painful it is.

Because of poverty, many parents take risk and venture for their luck abroad to make the lives of their family better. Despite the fact that they will leave their loved ones back home, they don’t let their emotions overwhelm them and just set their eyes on the goal, a better life for their family. But what they don’t realize is that their absence is painful for their children.

There are OFW parents who send imported clothes and shoes, chocolates, and gadgets to their children for them not to feel less compared to other kids who have their parents with them.

“The sacrifice of working abroad allows you to provide a better life for your children.”

In a BPI-Philam Video features 3 OFW families, the OFW parent/s and their children. First, they interviewed the parents asking why they chose to work away from their families. While most of them answered that it is because of their family, one answered that he wanted to give his children the life he didn’t experience when he was young.

After the parents, they also asked the children as to how they feel with having parents working far away from them while their parents were secretly listening to them.

One child said that her mom enjoys what she does and another said that he was glad seeing his mom excited to work abroad. But when they asked about their feelings, they all answered the same, it’s very sad. Most of them wish that their parents stay for good to finally have a happy and complete family.

Aside from being concerned about the future, let’s also be minded about the present and not set aside the feelings of children. No gifts or imported stuff will ever fill the absence of parents, only love can.

Watch the video below:

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