Two Kids Reunited After 2 Decades After Sharing A Forehead Kiss.

These two kids reunited 2 decades after sharing a forehead kiss.

Do you believe in fate or destiny? Have you experienced it? Most of us probably experience what we consider unexpected or coincidence circumstance in life. With that in mind, a love story recently went viral on social media that describes what destiny really looks like.

Social media made us witnessed various kind of love stories and it surely inspires us. In a Facebook post from Barbie Atienza, he shared a destined love story that started even before the couple started dating.

Read the caption of the post below:

30 years ago this boy casually walked up to this little girl somewhere in Baguio, and kissed her on the forehead and then ran away. They never met again until a couple of years ago. They had absolutely no way of knowing that 3 decades after they would wind up as husband and wife. Amazing. Coincidence? Fate? Destiny? That’s the magic of love! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! Rex Byron Atienza Roxas & Mela Rizo #lifemorebizarrethanmovies

The old photo was taken on the streets of baguio. While the girl wa held by her mother, this young boy suddenly kissed the girl on the forehead and ran away. 20 years after, they met again and started dating. And after 3 decades, they will end up on the altar and spend a lifetime together.

It’s romantically inspiring to hear and read this kind of love story. This proves that love made a way for you and the One for you to meet not sooner but it will surely come.

Magical right?

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