Arranged Marriage Made The Bride Cry And Groom So Happy During The Wedding Day.

This arranged wedding made the bride cry and groom so happy during the wedding day.

Wedding is one of the most anticipated day for couples. This is the day where a couple confesses their love in front of the people they love and promise to love each other in every season they will be in. This is more than just a special event, it is a sacred union of two person who vowed in front of God to love each other forever.

But in other countries, families still believed and practice arranged marriage just like in the olden days. With that in mind, a video recently made headlines on social media where you can see a bride crying during her wedding and the groom seems so happy about the marriage.

The story behind is still unclear but we could assume that the guy probably love the girl so much and was the one who perhaps asked her parents to arrange their marriage. On the other hand, the girl seems unhappy about the arrangement. Some may assume that the woman was crying in joy but I think it’s not the case. The girl looks so devastated that she had to marry the guy.

The caption of the post read:

“Lesson: Huwag magpapakasal sa taong hindi mo naman mahal. Kailanman ay hindi ka magiging masaya…”

The comment section of the post was flooded by the comments from netizens saying that the guy won an instant jackpot with this beautiful bride.

If you are in her shoes, what would you do? Would you agree or you will leave?

Watch the video below:

Lesson: Huwag magpapakasal sa taong hindi mo naman mahal. Kailaman ay hindi ka magiging masaya..

Posted by OFW TV on Thursday, November 15, 2018

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