Poor Elderly Man Without Pants Or Shorts Lives In A Small Wooden Box.

This poor elderly man without pants or shorts lives in a small wooden box.

Recently, a poor elderly man breaks the heart of many after a netizen posted his plight on social media. This poor elderly man is living in a tiny wooden box without any pants or shorts. On the Facebook post of Xylenejoy Siarot, she posted photos of the old man and his unfortunate situation.

In the photos, you can see that the poor elderly man was sitting on his very small abode made of scrap wood and small roof. What made it more heartbreaking is the fact that the old man wasn’t wearing any pants or shorts due to extreme poverty.

“Tay sana matolungan ka sa KMJS.napost nakita tay hintayin mo lang baka puntahan ka dyan.GOD BLESS TATAY,” said the caption of the post.

Asian countries like the Philippines have big importance to respecting elderly. However, as the years passed, this trait has been disregarded and forgotten especially by the new generation. Based on the new study of the World Health Organization (WHO) shows one in six elderly people experience some form of bad treatment and the number increases as the population ages globally.

“The ab*se of older people is on the rise. For the 141 million older people worldwide, this has serious individual and societal costs. We must do much more to prevent and respond to the increasing frequency of different forms of ab*se,” said Alana Officer, WHO senior health adviser for the Department of Ageing and Life Course.

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