Pigcasso, The Pig Who Was Saved From Slaughterhouse Earns Thousands Of Dollars Because Of Its Painting.

Meet Pigcasso, the pig painter!

Pigcasso was rescued from the slaughterhouse and now residing in the Cape Coast. The 450lb pig is often seen holding a paintbrush in her mouth and spends most of her time in the fields of Cape Coast. She was bred to be slaughtered at a pig farm but at four weeks old, she was rescued by her owner, Joanne Lefson, who was upset with her condition.

“Pigs on today’s industrialised factory farms are kept in merciless conditions deliberately hidden from public view,” says Joanne.

“If consumers could see inside, they would think twice about bringing home the bacon.”

“Breeding sows are confined in narrow cages for life, while their offspring are raised for pork and kept in filthy, overcrowded conditions…with no straw, no access to the outdoors and no quality of life.”

Joanne wants to help so she decided to go to the pig farm to buy one of their piglets. When she finally brought Pigcasso home, she tried to entertain her with different activities. She initially saw an interest in football before picking up her first paintbrush.

“I’d have brought them all home if I could,” she says.

She then started to teach Pigcasso to paint. The pig can now paint with long brush strokes, dip the brush in the paint and how to apply it to a canvas. Pigcasso’s favorite subject is the table mountain. She even signed her pieces with her signature by dipping her snout into the paint and print it on the page.

“Picasso loves to waddle off to explore the scenic Cape Town landscape with her easel,” Joanne claims.

“I do not force her to paint – she paints when she wants to. After all, at 450 pounds, she’s definitely the boss.”

“Often we to pack an overloaded picnic basket and she pigs out on organic strawberries, guavas and caramel-coated popcorn in between brushstrokes. For Pigcasso, it’s simply “hog heaven”.”

Now, Joanne is planning to sell Pigcasso’s artwork to raise money for her charity, Farm Sanctuary SA, a charity that raises awareness of the plight of farm animals and hopes to advocate and encourage better living conditions for them.

“Pigs are amazingly intelligent, exceptional animals and we want to inspire consumers to make kinder, more compassionate choices,” Joanne says.

“When you buy one of Picasso’s paintings, you’re not only supporting Farm Sanctuary SA’s mission of inspiring compassion for farm animals, you’re also investing in a potential masterpiece.”

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