Foreigner Was Spotted Fixing A Broken Trash Bin In A Philippine Tourist Spot.

This foreigner was spotted fixing a broken trash bin in a Philippine tourist spot.

The Philippines is known to have a lot of beautiful beaches and tourist spots, the reason why foreigners are coming back and forth. Every year, millions of tourists came to visit the Philippines and some even decided to stay for good because they fell in love with the country.

While this has a big impact on tourism, there are places that are not maintained properly and ruined. Facilities like broken comfort rooms, visitors’ common areas, restaurants, and even trash bins are neglected and needed some fixing.

Recently, a foreigner went viral on social media after being spotted fixing a broken trash bin in Dumaguete City. One high school student named Angel Montermoso saw the foreigner sitting on the ground right beside a trash bin at the boulevard in Dumaguete, a tourist destination and a common hang-out place for locals.

Because of curiosity, Angel went closer and saw that the foreigner was fixing the broken trash bin. It is evident that that foreigner didn’t mind that it was a public trash bin. Though he is not a local, he shows that helping our environment doesn’t need to be big. In small little ways like fixing a broken trash bin, it shows deep regard for the environment.

This foreigner earned admiration from netizens and wish that everyone will be like him. We hope that Filipinos and other foreigners will be inspired by his action and do the same.

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