Dedicated Student Made His Demo Materials In The Hospital.

This dedicated student made his demo materials in the hospital.

One student recently inspired everyone after making his visual aids for his demo at the hospital. The Bachelor of Elementary Education student named Jud Gaoilan at Isabela State University – Cabagan Campus was confined at the hospital days before his demo.

For the fourth year of education students, the final demo is the final task they need to pass to be able to graduate from college. Some students even considered this process as a crucial part of being an Education student.

But instead of giving up and just ask his professors for an extension due to his hospitalization, he was determined to finish all his requirements and demo materials at the hospital. As you can see on the photos, an IV line is connected to his right hand that give him the hard time to write on the cartolina he’ll be using for his visual aids. He could have asked for help but instead of doing that, he did it on his own.

“Kahit naka Confine ako dito sa Hospital , gagawin ko lahat matapos ko lang to. Para sa Final Demo💪🏻,” he wrote on the caption.

Many netizens lauded him for his determination and how impressive his handwriting was despite the IV line on his hand. He received so much praised by the social media community and inspired many for his dedication. He will surely be a successful educator!

Thankfully, he passed the final demo and now ready to graduate. The post earned 2.2K reactions, 213 comments, and 1.8K shares as of writing.


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