Grade 1 Student With Unsettled School Payment Was Removed From The List Of Awardees.

This Grade 1 student with unsettled school payment was removed from the list of awardees.

It’s really sad to know that students who are doing well in class and determined to finish their studies experienced lack and unfortunate situations. Students who are well-provided don’t take their studies seriously while those who are not are the ones who strive and do good in school. Sad but true!

With that being said, a Grade 1 student recently went viral on social media after she was removed from the list of awardees due to unsettled school payment. The school ordered to write a promissory note and must be removed from the list. We all know that being on the list of awardees means you did your best in school. But is it fair to remove this student? Is it right?

On the Facebook post of Clen Limpin, she shared a post about a school principal who urged a grade 1 student to write a promissory note due to unsettled account. On the post, she attached screenshots of her conversation with a teacher.

Read the full story below:

The school principal allegedly urged the Grade 1 student to write a promissory note stating “I Promise To Pay My Tuition Fee Tomorrow”. The young student then followed the principal and she was removed from the list of awardees. On the conversation above, the parents of the child will file a complaint at DepEd for the said action of the Principal.

No student or children should be treated like this.

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