Netizens Cried Over The Picture Of A Father And Daughter During Graduation.

Many netizens cried over the picture of a father and daughter during graduation.

Our parents work so hard to send us to school and acquire a good quality of education. Since most parents have nothing material to bequeath to their children, they try their best to send their children to school. Parents do believe that education is the best inheritance they can give to their children because it can’t be stolen or taken away from them.

In the Philippines, poverty is considered as the primary reason why the number of out-of-school youth is increasing. But I doubt that. It could be a factor but it’s not the main reason. I believe that the problem lies with the parents and children.

With that in mind, a picture of a father and daughter recently went viral on social media. The picture shows a father walking barefoot during the graduation rites of her daughter.

Many netizens were captured by the photo and expressed how it breaks their hearts. As you can see in the photo, the father walks barefoot. There is compassion but admiration won the hearts of many. One Facebook user named Nanuya Lasud Eida posted the photo with a caption:

“Nakita kulang eto sa news feed ko kaya binihagi kulang dahil Nakaka proud…proud dahil wala sa yaman o Mahirap,naka paa o naka sapatos, may damit na bago o wala ang importanti ay nakapag tapos ng pag aaral…

Education ating esulong kabataan ating turoan… CONGRATULATIONS❤ “

The old man has worn no slipper nor shoes while attending the graduation of his child. But despite his condition, it didn’t stop him from attending the milestone of his beloved child. Probably, the little is a kindergarten student and the man is at his old age.

According to Nanuya Lasud Eida, the father and child are from La Fortuna, Socorro, Oriental Mindoro and she is a student of Dilisman Kipot Day Care Center.

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