Teacher Treats His Students With A Boodle Fight And Lechon After the Final Exam.

This teacher treats his students with a boodle fight and lechon after the final exam.

Let’s be honest, not all students love school. There are a lot of factors why it’s really hard to encourage them to be good at school. One of the factors is having a strict teacher, especially during tests. This is also why some teachers look for effective ways to entertain their students and make school fun and exciting. School is really not that easy, deny it or not! hahahah…

One generous teacher named Floyd Tilendo recently went viral on social media as he treats his students a boodle fight and a lechon after the final exam.

On his Facebook account, Sir Floyd shared several photos and a video clip showing he treats his students after the exam. It can be seen on the photos that his students have no chance to copy their seatmates because of the huge puzzles used as walls. The exam wasn’t easy but they got a mouth-watering price after it. They enjoy a boodle fight and the favorite Filipino food, letchon.

All of his students probably enjoyed the sumptuous treat their teacher prepared for them. Who wouldn’t be inspired to take their exam if they have a teacher who always rewards his students? For certain, he will be remembered by his students forever!

Let’s also remind ourselves that teachers tend to be strict towards their students only because they wanted their students to acquire the best quality of education as possible. They vowed as an educator to do their best and we cannot blame them if they are strict and disciplinarians.

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