Young Boy Sleeping Outside Jollibee Receives A Meal From A Kind Stranger.

This young boy sleeping outside Jollibee receives a meal from a stranger.

Poverty is one of the main reasons for hunger in the Philippines. Factors such as unemployment, price increase, and insufficient salary also contribute to the problem of poverty in the country. As a result, many families have no decent shelter, no food on the table, unhealthy and some of them ended up on the streets. With that being said, a photo of a young boy sleeping outside Jollibee went viral on social media.

One Facebook user named Pia Morato became a Good Samaritan after giving a Jollibee meal to this poor boy who is sleeping outside the fast-food restaurant. According to Morato, she was making her last minute errands before she left Manila for work when she saw the plight of this young boy sleeping outside Jollibee in Shell Borromeo, Quezon City.

She then left some money to the crew and asked to help the child. The crew bought a pack of a meal and gave it to the boy outside the Jollibee.

Read the whole story below:

“On my way to do last minute errands before I leave Manila for work and after a short but welcoming holiday, I came across this heartbreaking sight at Jollibee in Shell Borromeo QC after loading gas. I couldn’t bear it. I am in such a hurry to finish stuff but I really couldn’t bear this especially when you see other people going in and out with their own children to enjoy the weekend. So I parked and went inside the restaurant where I asked one of the waiters for help and because I was in such a hurry, I could only leave some money to care for this boy at least for the day. Thank you Kuya Jake of Jollibee Borromeo at Shell. I could only manage a short interview to investigate on the matter and I found out from kuya Jake that this boy’s mother has left him the whole time to gamble at cara y Cruz. To the mother of this boy who woke up disoriented hungry and full of grief, you are selfish. This is a real attack on human rights – on the human rights of every child who deserves to be healthy and happy. As I was doing my own bit to help this boy get by even just for the day, another man passed by and gave him this meal. He too had a very angry look on his face. Now that’s civic society in action ! I further call on the rest of our countrymen to do their parts . Government cannot do it all on their own . Every single act of kindness multiplied will make the change we are all fighting hard for. #thegoodschool #projectateng Radyo Pilipinas”

Her action shows that we could help each other as long as we are willing to do so. Let’s spread love and kindness instead of hate and selfishness.

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