Netizen Shared A Photo Of A Cat Seemingly Praying Inside The Church.

One netizen witnessed a cat seemingly praying inside the church.

All creatures on earth are created by one God and were created solely to give Him glory and honor. He’s also the one people go to especially in their lowest and problematic situation, asking for help and intervention. But aside from humans, did you know that animals also go to church and knows how to pray?

One Facebook user named Austin Raphael Mateo witnessed a heartwarming scene where he saw a cat seemingly praying inside the church. When Mateo and his girlfriend went inside a Catholic church, they saw a cat while in a seemingly in a praying pose inside. He then took a photo of it and uploaded on social media.

“Yung nagsimba kami ng girlfriend ko para magdasal tas ng matapos kami magdasal pagtingin ko sa gilid namin eto nakita ko. Si muning nagdadasal din haha,” he posted.

[This was taken when I and my girlfriend went to church to pray. I saw a cat after we prayed. The cat was praying, too.] Translation

Like humans, God created animals with a soul where their emotion, intellect, and will lies. This cat is probably in a hard situation and needed the help of the Almighty to get through it. The post earned 11K reactions, 113K comments, and 10K shares as of writing.

Animals also deserve the respect and love us humans also deserve. The least we could do to them is to show our kindness by giving them food, provide them shelter, or by simply not harming them.

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