Parents Made Their Kid Pick Trash To Sell After Refusing To Go To School.

These parents made their kid pick trash to sell after refusing to go to school.

Parents are responsible for teaching their children the value of education. We are taught that education is our ticket out of poverty and it could take us to places we dreamed about. Our success is tied up on what we are educated that’s why it is very important that everyone has access to quality education.

However, no matter what parents do, there are children who disobey and just don’t give attention to their studies. School is more of a chore than an opportunity to learn. With that in mind, two parents in Thailand went viral on the way they disciplined their son after refusing to go to school.

Nuttanitcha Chotsirimeteekul and her husband were taking their 5 years old son, the eldest, when he threw tantrums and refused to go. They explained to him how important school is but he still refused to go.

To discipline him, the couple made him pick trach to sell for him to understand how hard it is to earn money. This way, they could teach him how important education is. The couple takes a day off to teach the kid a valuable life lesson and accompanied him around the city as he picks up trash to sell.

They walked for 2.2 kilometers and was able to pick up bottles and trash weighing 2kg. The kid earned 2 baht (US$0.063).

“Do you have money? Taking the bus costs 10 baht,” Nuttanitcha told her son. The boy answered no.

“I want an ice cream,” the kid said. The mother asked her, “It cost 5 baht. do we have enough?. “No, I don’t want it anymore,” the kid replied. “I’m so tired, it’s so hot, I want to go home.” After then, the kid no longer complains about going to school.

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