Woman Who Was Tagged As A Whale, Inspired Everyone After Losing 64lbs.

This woman was tagged as a whale, shared her story after losing 64lbs.

Like most overweight or obese experienced, Sarie Santiago was called by names such as whale, a pig, a dumbo, and many more because of being fat. But Sarie admits that it was her fault why she became big as her motto says, “Food is life.” According to RachFeed, she got tired of the hurtful names and realized something about it.

Deny it or not, avoiding food is as hard as losing weight. We have heard stories of people trying to lose weight that says it wasn’t easy. During the process, temptations and discouragements are inevitable. That’s the reason why some of them eventually stop because they lose their motivations and just find it too hard to do workouts and diets.

But determined to change her self, she found her motivation and followed her own diet and workout regime. Every morning, she drinks warm water and eats 1 boiled egg and a banana before going to the gym. She workout for 2-4 hours and after an intense gym routine, she walks home for about 45 minutes.

Her lunch is a combination of fish and vegetables. She doesn’t eat rice for about 8 months and many netizens said that she got to have the willpower to do that. If she craves for carbs, she just eats Skyflakes and peanuts, drinking a lot of water after. She also makes sure to eat kamote before 8 PM.

“This is so, so SO embarrassing for me to post this 🙈 yet proud 👊🏻because I’m still in the midst of my journey and I am very proud of my progress, i don’t want to get big as this anymore, and to be able to do that i keep reminding myself to work hard until I get a bucket of sweat, it fills out my happiness.”

“Thanks to my coaches in Pound For Pound Fitness Cainta – Marcos Highway Coach Marco Zapanta and Coach Jawo Bumanlag I really appreciate you guy’s! Now, I can wear rocking outfit everyday!

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