64-Year-Old Tricycle Driver Graduated In College With A Degree.

This 64-year-old tricycle driver graduated in college with a degree.

Because it’s the graduation month, social media is filled with graduation photos, videos, dedications and even inspiring stories of graduating students that will surely inspire us. Among those stories that went viral is the story of a 64-year-old lolo or an elderly man who graduated in college.

Meet Generito U. Yusores, the 64-year-old man that proves that it’s not too late to pursue and achieve our dreams. At his old age, he finished his Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English under the Western Mindanao State University External Studies Unit-Molave, Zamboanga del Sur Campus.

One of his dreams is to become a teacher. To achieved this, he worked as a tricycle driver every day and at night, he is a college student. During his younger years, Tatay Generito took everything for granted especially his studies. His parents enrolled him at the Ateneo de Cagayan for a course in BS Agriculture but because of vices and peers, his focus was taken away from school.

With only one year left to graduate, he failed his subjects until he officially dropped out. After years of difficulty, he wanted to find a more decent job. Just like other students, he heard criticisms especially about his age as he is too old to become a teacher. Thankfully, he received a scholarship under the WMSU-ESU Molave and now, he one of the graduates who will received their hard-earned diploma.

We hope that Tatay Generito’s story will be an inspiration to everyone especially the students and the youth. He might have the regrets in the past but it’s never too late for him to correct it.

Congratulations Tatay Generito!

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