Kind-Hearted Netizen Gave A Poor Boy A Free Ride And Give Him Cash For His Sibling’s Graduation.

This kind-hearted netizen gave a poor boy a free ride and give him cash for his sibling’s graduation.

Recently, one Facebook user named Mj Montemayor Schaner shared her encounter with a poor young boy who asked for help. Their story went viral on social media and caught the attention of many netizens.

According to her, the poor boy asked them for a free ride to Silay City. The boy told her that no vehicle wants to give him a ride assuming that he is a member of NPA or a rebel group. When asked what is he doing on that area, he said that he was selling ice candy but due to rainy weather condition, no one buys.

When the boy got into the car, Mj asked threw some random questions during the ride en route to their destination. The boy revealed that his biological father abandoned them after having an affair with another woman when he was two years old.

His mother earns by doing laundry and his stepfather works as a tricycle driver. The poor boy was hurrying to go home to buy a piece of chicken joy for his sibling’s graduation. But Mj took pity on him so she gave him cash to buy ‘lechon manok’ and ice cream to celebrate his sibling’s graduation.

At first, the boy refused to accept the money but Mj insisted. The poor boy then thanked Mj for her kindness.

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