Schools in Leyte Prohibits Students To Use Gadgets And Encourage Them To Play Traditional Filipino Games.

These schools in Leyte imposed a gadget ban and encourage their students to play traditional Filipino games instead.

Technology has been part of our daily lives. We often found ourselves on screen for a long period of time checking social media, watching videos, checking our emails, or just simply playing. Gadgets, in particular, made our lives so much easier by all means. However, spending so much time with these gadgets or in modern technology in general robbed us our physical activities especially among children.

Because of this issue, schools in Leyte imposed a gadget ban inside the school premise during class hours and encouraged students to spend time in traditional Filipino games. Schools namely Doane Baptist School and Doane Christian Academy in Leyte implemented this ban. It would be a better way to encourage students to go out and play outside, they said.

Gadgets such as iPads, smartphones, and others are banned inside the school premise. Instead of spending so much time on screen, they encouraged their students to play physical activities which they think will help in the development of children in all aspects, release stress and promote healthy growth.

The Doane school’s Pastor Administrator, Joshua Hocson, decided to issue the ban after he received complaints from parents and teachers that students are spending so much time on mobile games.

Hocson shared with Moms and Babies, “It was to make them focus on their studies and other academic responsibilities. Also, I noticed that during school events, instead of participating, other students would prefer playing mobile games.”

“Mobile games [is] just like smoking or illegal dr4g use, [which] can cause a person [to] be 4ddicted to it. So we want to break that culture of spending almost all of your time checking your phone. We do it not just by banning it but by counseling as well,” he added.

Students are now found more ways to entertain themselves such as studying in the library, playing board games like chess, sports like basketball, and also learned to play more physical Pinoy games or “larong-kalye” games like piko, Chinese garter, and langit-lupa, among others.

Hocson hopes that this will developed better interpersonal skills and even improved their academic performance.

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