Private Resort In Palawan Opens With A Price Of P5.2 Million Per Night!

This private resort in Palawan opens with a price of P5.2 million per night.

It’s summer once again and I guess we all have vacation plans. Scrolling to different social media platforms, we can see people traveling and the most common place they go into, the beach. We could feel summer in our skin and the sea seems like calling us. It’s summer you’ll and we don’t want to miss it!

The Philippines is considered as the go-to country for most foreigners during the summer season. We couldn’t deny the fact that the country has a lot to offer that vary from white sand beaches, pristine sea water, and other tourist-approved destinations, not to mention how good locals are.

But recently, one private resort in Palawan grabbed international media attention as it is considered as one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

It is the Banwa Private Island, a 15-acre private land with a 360-degree view of Palawan. This private resort offers clear blue waters of the Sulu Sea. However, the price and rates are over-the-top. Customers have to pay $100,000 or PHP5.2 million per night for a minimum of 3 nights, according to Summit Express.

It only accommodates 48 guests at a time. It has 6 villas that come with a private jacuzzi deck, its own infinity pool or garden suites. Guests could have different beach activities like swimming, diving, beach volleyball, kayaking, and jet ski. The resort also has its own gym, massage suite, pilates studio, tennis court, jogging track and soccer field.

The resort serves a wide variety of healthy and organic food that is locally grown. They also have their own nutritionist to cater to the very need of every customer. Whoever visitors are interested in culinary, they can attend the cooking masterclass with the resort’s in-house celebrity chef Nadedja Bouacha.

If ever you are interested to spend nights here, be informed that this private resort in Puerco Island in Roxas, Palawan is only accessible via helicopter, private jet or a seaplane.

“Whether you come for celebration or sanctuary, the island will stay with you long after you leave,” the Banwa Private Island promised.

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