13-Year-Old Boy Returned A Lost Wallet And Unexpectedly Received A Scholarship And Financial Aid As A Reward.

This 13-year-old boy returned a lost wallet and received an unexpected blessing in return for his honesty.

A 13-year-old boy named Andrey Macabuhay went viral as he did a wonderful act of honesty by returning a lost wallet. According to Good Times, Andre works as a parking lot boy at a famous fast-food restaurant branch when he saw a wallet. The wallet contained P7,000. He immediately returned the wallet and the money it contains without hesitation to the owner Dindo Lorenzo.

His good deed was posted on social media and went viral on the internet. Many complimented and admired him for his act of honesty, saying that at a young age, he learned how to work and be honest.

Thankfully, his act of honesty brought him unexpected blessings. Macabuhay received a scholarship grant worth P400,000 (US$ 7,727), enough money to finish his studies from elementary to college. In addition, he also received a free uniform, school supplies, and allowances. Good-hearted individuals also gave the honest boy a financial aid so that his sick mother can start a small business or a store.

Andrey also thanked Dindo Lorenzo for posting what he did and to the people who extended their help. He also thanked Neil Matthew for the reward he received and Atty. Normita Villanueva, the president of the school he was studying.

“Thank you so much, Dindo Lorenzo. Thank you Mom and Dad, for always preaching about what is right. Thank you Sir Neil Matthew who gave me great rewards for a simple thing I do, and thank you Atty. Normita Villanueva, president of the school I am currently attending,” said Macabuhay.

Also thank you everyone who supported me. To all my friends, keep on doing what is right and be honest, always fear God and love our family.”

No good deed goes to waste. It’s always remembered and rewarded by our Almighty God.

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