Filipino Artist Turned Famous Pinay Celebrities Into Disney Princesses.

This Filipino artist turned famous Pinay celebrities into Disney Princesses.

Disney characters have been part of our childhood. Disney princesses, in particular, made our childhood so magical, made us believe about love and happy endings, and gave us a glimpse of how is it like to be a princess. But more than having just a pretty face, the stories of these various Disney princesses taught us life lessons and moral values.

In the Philippines, we also have our version of princesses embodied by some of the famous faces in the Philippine showbiz industry. These girls are not just normal actresses, their movies are blockbusters, talented, beautiful and most importantly, good-hearted individuals.

Pinoy ExtremePH posted photos of each local celebrities inspired by different Disney Princesses. It was captioned: “Pinay Celebrities Disney Princess | Art by Kenneth Jayson Recto“. The artist who made these artworks is Kenneth Jayson. He can turn local celebrities into a Disney Princesses.

Liza Soberano as Belle of Beauty and The Beast

Liza Soberano is considered as one of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry. She supposedly portrays Darna, a Philippine superhero, but because of her injury, she backed out. She indeed looks like a real-life princess.

Kathryn Bernardo as Pocahontas

Kathryn Bernardo has grown into a gorgeous woman from a sweet teenager. She’s definitely one of the most loved and talented celebrities in this generation. If she happened to play the role of Pocahontas, she will surely nail it.

Nadine Lustre as Jasmine of Aladdin

Nadine Lustre is considered as one of the sexiest and beautiful actresses in the Philippines. She’s a head-turner but not available. She is James Reid On-cam and off-cam partner.

Julia Barreto as Sleeping Beauty

Sue Ramirez as Snow White

May May Entrata as Mulan

Jessy Mendiola as Ariel of Little Mermaid

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