Austrian Travel Vloggers Were Allegedly Scammed By A Filipino Taxi Driver.

These Austrian travel vloggers were allegedly scammed by a Filipino taxi driver.

Traveling to a foreign country is a little bit risky and tricky. Without basic knowledge about the place, you will probably get lost, spend a lot of money, or worst, get into a terrible experience. That’s why being extra careful is highly advised to avoid getting into trouble knowing you are in a foreign country.

Recently, A Filipino taxi driver was reported for allegedly scamming two Austrian travel vloggers he picked from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Pasay City to Legazpi Village in Makati City.

The Austrian couple was identified as Michael Holaschke and Anela Hrnic. They handle the YouTube channel ‘Making it happen Vlog’. On the video they posted on Sunday, they narrated how their taxi driver aggressively tried to scammed them by asking them to pay a high flat rate instead of metered rate. They caption the post:

“[He] also wanted to charge us an extra fee for the luggage.”

The Austrian travel vloggers arrived in the Philippines from Tokyo. According to Holaschke, they couldn’t book a Grab at that time so they decided to take a taxi. On the video, it can be heard that the driver asked the couple to pay extra for their luggage. But the couple reasoned out that it was not their first time going to the Philippines and they know that paying extra for bags is unnecessary.

“When he realized we were filming everything for our own protection, he got very aggressive and attacked me trying to retrieve my phone,” Holaschke said in the video.

But the driver said, “If you will not pay extra [for] luggage, you drop [here].”

“We pay for the taxi, with [its] meter, take us to our destination then we have no problem,” Holaschke tells him.

The driver started to drive recklessly and they noticed that he was going on a different route instead of going to their destination. Hrnic can be heard saying, “No more detours.”

The couple explained in the video that it doesn’t represent all the taxi drivers in Manila. They also said that they probably won’t ride a taxi again.

“Filipinos are the kindest, friendliest people that we’ve ever met and this is the first time in two years traveling to the Philippines that we’ve had [a] bad experience,” Holaschke said.

watch the video below:

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