Sewage Cleaners In Bangladesh Work Without Any Safety Gears And Only Get Paid For $8 A Day.

These sewage cleaners in Bangladesh work without safety gears and only get paid for $8 a day.

Every year, the unemployment rate is increasing and not all are blessed to have a job. While some land in good employment, others are enduring a minimum wage job just to survive. But if you are complaining about it or have in mind to quit, just think about these sewage cleaners in Bangladesh who risk their lives and get paid for only $8.

For these sewage cleaners in Bangladesh, they don’t mind putting themselves at risk and dipping into the dirty tunnels without any safety gears or equipment. The city will probably submerge into the flood because of the poor drainage system. They only received a daily pay of $8 for risking their lives.

They scrape the underground tunnels to clear up the blockage. But they plunge themselves into the filthy tunnels without wearing safety gears or equipment. They just use their hands to clean out the blockages. As they dive into the dirty tunnels, they hold their breaths as long as they can. They obviously put themselves in danger.

Reports said that there are 100 sewage cleaners demise in Bangladesh every year because of drowning and health problems. One sewage cleaner named Binod Lahot said that he can still smell the waste in his body after cleaning up himself, even while he is eating. However, he has no choice and risking his life is the only source he makes ends meet.

This will make us realize that no matter how hard our job is, we should be thankful instead of being ungrateful. Not all get a job, if you do, you are highly blessed and favored.

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