Swiss Conservationist Pledge To Donate $1 Billion To Save The Earth.

This Swiss conservationist pledge to donate $1 billion to save the earth.

The earth is never the same the way it looks today. This is because the earth is a dynamic planet and constantly changing. In a blink of an eye, earthquakes take place, volcanoes erupted, storms were created, and climate changes. Climate change, also known as global warming, is considered as the most threatening issue our world faces today. It means that the earth is at risk and we can feel the impacts of these problems, especially in our health.

While the government and non-governmental organizations take initiatives and developed ideas that would save the earth, there are particular individuals who wanted to contribute to this endeavor. In fact, a Swiss conservationist pledge to donate $1 billion to save the earth.

Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss billionaire, said that he will donate this amount within 10 years to help fund conservation, projects, and educating people about environmental health issues. According to the Swiss philanthropist, in order to save the earth, it should be conserved in its natural state. He aims to conserve 30% of the earth to its natural state by 2030.

“It is the idea that wild lands and waters are best conserved not in private hands, locked behind gates, but as public national parks, wildlife refuges and marine reserves, forever open for everyone to experience and explore,” he wrote.

“I believe this ambitious goal is achievable because I’ve seen what can be accomplished,” he added.

Wyss concluded that to be able to save a large majority of plant and wildlife species, at least half of the planet needs to be conserved, according to Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson’s study.

For the past 20 years, Wyss’s foundation has been working with the conservation efforts and supported wild places in Africa, South America, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. They donated more than $450 million to help partners conserve nearly 40 million acres of land and water.

“For the sake of all living things, let’s see to it that far more of our planet is protected by the people, for the people and for all time,” he said.

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