Old Photos Of Manny Pacquiao Inspired Many People To Have Hope In Life.

Most of us knew where Manny Pacquiao started and what he endured to be in the place of success and abundance. His rags to riches story continuously inspired us to be hopeful and work hard for our dreams. But look at him now, from our boxing champion to a public servant.

On the photo posted by Sarah Joy Gabriel Rivera on Memories of Old Manila on Facebook account, shows the old ID of Manny Pacquiao working on a construction firm as a “Laborer” at LA Construction Corp. The photo shows how hard life was for him.

“ID ni Sen. Manny Pacquiao n’ong nagtatrabaho pa siya sa construction. From rags to riches talaga,” the caption of the post says.

Back in the day, Manny works as a construction worker, “padyak driver” and a “panadero”. When he started boxing, his life didn’t change instantly. He had to overcome struggles and discouragements just to achieve his dreams and provide his family with a better future.

Now, he is the world’s Boxing Champ, a Senator, a businessman, and Christ’s ambassador. His life is a living testament that hard work coupled with a relationship with God brings lasting fruit and life-changing results. His heart for people and God makes him so deserving to receive an overflowing blessing.

In 2016, he was listed on Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Athletes and earned the number 2 spot in Forbes Celebrity 100 (The World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers) in 2015.

The 41-year-old Filipino professional boxer and politician is married to Jinkee Pacquiao. They are blessed to have 5 children namely Emmanuel Jr. (Jimuel), Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace (Princess), Queen Elizabeth (Queenie) and Israel.

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