Jeep With A Tile Floor Amused Social Media Users.

This jeep with a tile floor amused social media users.

Have you seen or ride a jeep with a tile floor? Jeepney is one of the public transportation in the Philippines. If you don’t want to pay a pricy taxi or Grab, the jeepney is a good choice though you have to endure the traffic and the pollution around you. With that in mind, a jeepney recently went viral on social media because of its tile floor.

A Facebook post that features a jeep with a tile floor earned likes and comments from netizens who got amused. The said post was flooded with various reactions from the netizens.

“Ong toroy [Ang taray] may pa tiles si manong jeep,” the post captioned.

As you can see on the photo, the floor tiles of the jeep are colored white or what is called ‘vinyl’. The post went viral and garnered mixed reactions from the netizens. One netizen said that jeep looks fancy and classy. Others even joked that it should have a sofa to have a feel-at-home vibe. Another commenter joked that foot wears should be left outside or carried. LOL!

“Ang sosyal namang sumakay sa jeep na ito! Magkano naman kaya ang pamasahe? Same din ba sa sahig na steel? Sosyal!,” said one commenter.

“Sana pati yung upuan, pa–sofa na rin para feel at home,” someone added.

However, other netizens are not in favor especially when it talks about the safety of the passengers. They said that it is slippery and adds weight to the jeep that makes it move slow. Others said that it can cause an accident, especially during the rainy season.

“Slippery, extra weight, what non–sense. I can’t understand why the jeepney doesn’t try to be as lightweight as possible. If it were lighter it would be faster, more horse power and save fuel,” one commenter said.

“Way to cause an accident kapag tag–ulan. Moving vehicle + wet floor + slippery tiles = neck breaker. Hindi ito ligtas sakyan.”

The jeep with a tile floor is said to be found in Cavite.

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