Woman’s Post About Bachelor’s Degrees and Php450/Day Salary Earned Mixed Reactions From Netizens.

This woman’s post about Bachelor’s Degree and Php450/day salary earned a mixed reaction from netizens.

When I was in my first year in high school, I remember my mom asked me why I study hard and doing my best in school. I recalled answering her that I am studying hard to graduate, to get high grades so I can get a job and earn a good salary in the future. Most teenagers probably have the same mindset as me as this is what parents often told their children. “Your employment depends on your diploma,” they say but I beg to differ.

Nowadays, most companies are looking for applicants who have a degree or diploma. This is the reason why people who don’t have any of these feel discriminated and ridiculed. But is it fair? How about those talented and skillful individuals? On the other hand, some employees complain about their salary, their jobs in general. While some fresh graduates are picky about applying for jobs, looking for a high-paying and excellent employment.

With that in mind, one netizen recently drew mixed reactions from online users on her post about Bachelor’s Degrees and the Php450/day salary. Some commenters assumed that she’s an entitled millenial who wants to receive a high salary without prior experience.

Crissa Nulud posted on her Facebook saying:

“Employers: please stop asking for Bachelor’s degrees of you’re only offering 450/day.”

Her post immediately caught the attention and drew mixed reactions from the netizens. One commenter said:

“Dear fresh graduate millenial,

Unang una, bakit colon yung gamit mo? Pangalawa, employers will not hire you because of your diploma but because of your talents and skills. Pangatlo, make sure your attitude is worth more than Php 450.00. Lastly, you’re not the only one who seeks employment, di ka kawalan.”

In another post written about her post, she said that she is not a fresh graduate and had actually finished college in 2013. While others criticized her for her post, some agreed on her and admitted she was right.

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