Kind Guy Spends His Salary Feeding Stray Animals For 10 Years.

This kind guy spends his salary feeding stray animals for 10 years.

For animal lovers like me, petting an animal wasn’t easy especially dogs or cats. Looking at these cute little creatures makes our hearts happy and flattered. When we are so down and tired, these adorable animals boosts our moods and turned our frown faces to smiling. But aside from companionship, these animals are also our protector. There are stories where animals sacrifice themselves to save their owners.

A Facebook user named Azman Ali II recently shared a story of a man who bonds with stray animals. The man was identified as Anfalazie Anuar or Ann. He works on two alternate jobs as a parking attendant and a cleaner. Despite having enough salary for himself and family, spending money to feed strays is his happiness.

For more than 10 years, he spent half of his salary to buy food for stray animals like cats and dogs. These strays became part of his life even it would mean just having plain rice with soy sauce. These stray cats and dogs would wait for him every day at the same spot.

Rain or shine, Ann never once missed doing his routine. There are times when he is unwell but he couldn’t afford to let these animals starve.

“As long as I get to take care of my family and spend time with the street animals, I don’t need anything else”‘ he says.

These animals could not pay his kindness but Ann finds what he is doing fulfilling. His story reminds us that kindness doesn’t have to be big, what matters is the intention and the willingness to help.

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