Single Mother Sent Her Son To A Medical School Only By Selling Fish.

This single mother sent her son to a medical school only by selling fish.

College could be expensive depending on the course a student will take. As a result, many people didn’t finish college or didn’t enter college at all. But for this particular single mother who sells fish in the market, sending her son to a medical school is both surprising and inspiring.

The 55-year-old single mother named Nanita Ronquillo will do anything just to make sure her son, John Nico will have a better future and achieve his dreams. Though she may not earn that much money from selling fish, it didn’t hinder her to support her son.

Nanita became a single mother when she found out that her husband was cheating on her and had a new family. Since then, she went to sell fish in the market early in the morning and if there’s still a lot of fish left to be sold, she stays in the market late around 5 to 6 PM. She also has a heart problem.

“Whatever happens, both of us can work it out together. Whatever dream you have, you can achieve it,” she told her son.

It wasn’t easy for sure to a single mother to send her son to a medical school by selling fish in the market. She doesn’t care about her struggles and sacrifices just to provide all her son’s needs. She sometimes earned PHP1,000 (USD 19) a day and sometimes, she barely earned anything.

When they encountered financial struggles, John had to quit school because they couldn’t afford the fees. But still, he managed to finish his 4-year course though it takes him 6 years to graduate.

Congratulations Nanita and John!

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