Artistic Teacher Made Use Of Broken Sink, School Chairs To Beautify Classroom

An elementary teacher from South Cotabato recently went viral after showing his artistic prowess by creating a colorful classroom wall made out of discarded and broken school sink and armchairs. He did it to beautify his classroom and to inspire his students to do the same.

The Creative Teacher

A photo of a colorful classroom in Polomolok Central Elementary School in South Cotabato recently went viral on social media because of its beauty. What made it more exceptional was the fact that it was done by a teacher using old, discarded armchairs and broken sinks.

Reynel Camerin, an elementary teacher at Polomolok Central Elementary School put to good use the artistic juices that he has and decided to beautify his student’s classroom before the classes started. He was resourceful enough to make use of re-usable materials that was considered trash and useless.

Recycle And Reuse

Camerin posted a photo of his “masterpiece” on Facebook with a caption “from broken chairs to my classroom wall”. According to him, he saw a pile of discarded and broken school armchairs and decided he can still make good use of it. He saw the different colors of the armchairs and thought that it will look good as a classroom wall.

So in the heat of the summer day, he cut off the colorful armchairs and removed the nails from it. He also used some broken pieces of a sink from the school’s toilet and also made use of it. All his materials are basically from trash.

Praises From Netizens

Camerin’s hard work to beautify his classroom did not go unnoticed. He received a ton of praises not just from colleagues but fromm the netizens as well. They praised him for his resourcefulness and creativity. They also commended him for his noble act of making the school’s classroom look good which is above and beyond his duty as a teacher.

To the artistic teacher of Polomolok Central Elementary School, our hats off to you. It just proves true the saying that teaching is the noblest of all profession. Let’s hope that more teachers and students will be insired by your deed and start beautifying their schools too.


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