Two Farmers Received $700 For A Root They Dug Up, But Regretted It When They Found Out Its Real Value

They say that money is the root of all evil, and it holds true in the Chinese province of Si Chuan, when two farmers dug up a massive root and sold it to a buyer for $700. They were very happy to earn that amount, until they found out the root’s real worth and how they were duped by the opportunistic buyer.

Naive Farmers

Ginseng root is one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world. In fact, it is known to cure a myriad of illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension and many more. It is likewise believed to boost energy levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation and even help in managing sexual dysfunction among men.

Because of these medicinal qualities, the Ginseng root became the most sought-after herbal medicine and it’s price soared up. A pound of Ginseng can be sold for $300-600.

When the two farmers from Si Chuan found and uprooted the Ginseng root that they dug up, their original plan is to divide it and distribute it to their relatives. But when the news of the uprooted Ginseng got to the others, a businessman offered to buy it from them for $700. Oblivious of it’s real value, they happily agreed to sell it to the businessman.

Change Of Hands

In order to get back his investment, the businessman sold it to another for $7000, not bad considering his initial cost of only $700. However, if the businessman only searched the net and researched about the real value of the Ginseng root, he could’ve earned a lot more.

A rich buyer found out about the gigantic Ginseng root and badly wanted it for himself, so he offered the businessman a price he couldn’t resist. The rich buyer offered to buy the whole Ginseng root for $300,000.

Full Of Regret

When the farmers found out that their Ginseng root was sold for a fortune, they were full of regret. They admitted being blinded by money without even asking other people on the real value of their possession. They were a victim of opportunistic people who, just like them, are often blinded by greed and money. Sad, but true.


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