Lady Kuliglig Driver Who Carries 9-Month Old Child With Her Earned Netizen’s Praises

A widowed mother of a 9 month old child, carries her baby with her as she plies her route as a “kuliglig” driver in Sta. Cruz, Manila. A passenger of her was inspired by the mother’s perseverance to work despite the difficulty of taking care of the child and driving at the same time.

If There’s A Will, There’s A Way

We all know that the cost of living in this beloved country of ours is quite high, and for the not so fortunate ones who live below the poverty line, it would be very hard to make ends meet. This would be especially true for someone who’ve just been widowed, and has a 9 month old child to tend to.

Fortunately, this special mother is made from stronger stuff. Instead of giving up and just beg for food, she found a way to make end meet by working as a kuliglig driver. As for her baby, she lets him tag along with her, tied to her waist, whenever she plies her route.

Mother And Child Tandem

A netizen by the name of Cheblessed Lenteria Rafael posted this inspiring story on Facebook after being one of the lady driver’s passengers. Cheblessed narrated that she was waiting for a ride in Sta. Cruz as she was about to go to Divisoria. She noticed the mother and child sitting in the driver side of the kuliglig and thought she was just waiting for husband.

She was surprised when the mother drove the kuliglig to her side, and let her ride. She struck a conversation with the lady driver and found out that she is a widow. Her child is 9 months old and she couldn’t leave her home so she just carries her along while working.

An Inspiration Indeed

Cheblessed was inspired by the mother’s perseverance and dedication to work so that her family can live as well as to support the education of her older child. On the flipside, she somehow felt sorry for the child, since the child is vulnerable to all the smoke and smug and all the pollution on the roads.

Source: Facebook

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