Good Samaritan Bought Groceries For Unprivileged Kid And Father

We live in a society where we live in the saying that “it is better to give than to receive.” Indeed it feels better when we were able to give more than we can take. 

A Good Samaritan

A particular good samaritan went viral for being another angel sent from up above. Jheff Villalista Balayan shares how he came up to buy groceries for an unfortunate kid outside a convenience store. In his post, he was deeply moved to see the little girl accompanied by her father looking hopeless and nothing to eat. 


Balayan discloses the photo of the kid showing her genuine smile as if being thankful for receiving such tremendous gifts. The kid can also be seen in the video, holding a baby bottle with water inside instead of milk.

The father, on the other hand, wears a single slipper, crouched while sitting in a corner with his daughter. 

Hats off to sir Balayan 

The kind netizen gave a pack of milk and some grocery items to the kid and her father. It does not matter how big or small the gift is, as long as one can help, Balayan feels way better for giving a hand for a while. Netizens commend Jheff for doing such a good job and being a role model to his kind.

In this society, where standards are a bit too high, we celebrate people who reach out their hand to those in need. 


Netizens pity seeing the poor child’s condition.  The fact that it is innocent for what is happening around her and the hardships of life that she is bearing is just too much. 

Here is Balayan’s post on Facebook: 

What can you say about the good samaritan’s act of kindness? We need a lot of him right now. Share your thoughts in the comment section! 

Source: Philippine News

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