Rich Guy Donates 10,000 Used Bikes To Impoverished Students In Myanmar

For many poor students living in far flung areas in the provinces, traveling to and from school is a big challenge. Some of them have to walk long distances just to be able to report to school. A philantropist saw the problem and decided to buy 10,000 discarded bikes from diffeerent countries to be given to the poor students of his country.

An Inspiration

Mike Than Tun Win is a true blue Myanmar native who has been living in Singapore for 18 years. Unlike many of his countrymen in Myanmar, Mike was lucky enough to have a good education. Many of his fellowmen dont have the privilege to have the same kind of education he has, in fact, just going to school is already a struggle for them.

When he visited his home land for vacation, he noticed the need for students to have a bike, so they won’t have to walk to and from school. With a successful business of his own, he decided to do something about the probllem. He vowed to buy discarded bikes from Singapore and distribute them to students in his nativ Myanmar.

The Process

Living in Singapore, Mike knew that there are lots of discarded bikes for sale due to the bike sharing concept in the country that turned out to be a complete bust. So Singapore were left with thousands of used bikes, most of which are still lying wasted waiting for buyers.

Photo courtesy of Buzzooks

Mike then negotiated with the bike companies to buy the used bikes and import them to Myanmar. Bikes from Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan all found their way to Myanmar. Even bikes from Netherlands were sent by Mike to his native country.

Golden Hearted Man

These were not just old discarded bikes that will be given to the grade 7-10 students of Myanmar. Mike made sure that every bike was fixed and upgraded. He even added somke back seats on the bikes so that the students can take their friends or little siblings to school.

photo courtesy of Buzzooks

Here’s hoping that we can be inspired by the actions of Mike Than Tun win and do the same for our country. Instead of too much politicking, maybe our leaders can learn a lesson or two from this simple but noble man.

Source: Buzzooks

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