Inspiring 75-Year Old Lolo Starts His Freshman Year In University

For most of us who easily gives up on our dreams, we can learn a lesson or two from this 75-year-old grandfather, who despite his advanced age, decided to pursue his lifelong dream of getting a degree. His viral photo inspired a lot of people especially the youngsters who take education for granted.

It’s Never Too Late

Benjamin Naoe, a 75-year-old widower from Pangasinan, is not your ordinary grandfather. He wouldn’t let his age get in the way of his dreams. He has always dreamt of finishing a college degree, but due to early marriage and other priorities, he only finished first year of high school.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Christian Monses

He worked abroad for many years, striving to give his family a good life. Now that his children have all grown up and has a family of their own, he decided that it is the right time to follow his dreams. And follow it he did.

Inspiration To The Youth

He enrolled himself at PHINMA University of Pangasinan and is now officially a freshman student, taking up Political Science. While it may be true that Lolo Benjamin has always been mistaken for a professor or the dean of the University, it didn’t deter him from eagerly going to his classes. In fact, many of his classmates consider him an inspiration.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Christian Monses

A classmate of his, Christian Monses, decided to post the pictures of Lolo Benjamin on Facebook in the hope that he would serve as an inspiration to people, especially the youth who don’t seem to value education anymore.

Salute From The Netizens

The photos of Lolo Benjamin going about his school activities went viral in social media and earned praises from our netizens. The netizens were inspired by the dedication of Lolo Benjamin to finish his college degree.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Christian Monses

“Salute! May mga bata ngayon ayaw mag-aral, eto si lolo, hanggang kaya nag aaral. Grabe! God bless you lolo with many more years so that you can pursue what you’re not able to do in your younger years.” said one of the inspired netizens.

Source: thesummitexpress

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